Vitamin B12 10.50 €

A one-time blood collection fee of 6 € is added to the price.


  • Necessary for the functioning of the brain and nervous system and for blood formation
  • Deficiency may cause anaemia and damage to nervous system
  • Low levels are often caused by vegetarian diet

Vitamin B12 deficiency may be caused by low intake of the vitamin with food (vegetarians), various stomach conditions, changes in intestinal microflora, broad tapeworm infection in the organism, etc.

Vitamin B12 (cobalamin) is a cobalt-containing water-soluble vitamin, which plays an important role in the synthesis of nucleic acids, folate, amino acids and myelin. The vitamin is necessary for the development of red blood cells in bone marrow and is essential for normal neurological function.

The vitamin is found only in animal-source foods, but its absorption is inhibited by excessive alcohol consumption, coffee, smoking, oral contraceptives, laxatives, atrophic gastritis, and other digestive tract diseases.

The absorption of vitamin B12 often decreases in old age.

Chronic vitamin B12 deficiency causes anaemia and various types of nervous system damage.

The test results are returned in up to 2 working days.

Reference values:

5–30 days 191–1163  pmol/l
1–11 months 191–1163  pmol/l
1–8 years 209–1190  pmol/l
9–13 years 186–830 pmol/l
14–16 years 180–655 pmol/l
≥ 17 years 156–672 pmol/l


Grand total:

10.50 €