Thyroid-stimulating hormone TSH 7.80 €

A one-time blood collection fee of 6 € is added to the price.


  • A high-sensitivity test to assess the activity of the thyroid gland

The thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) regulates the activity of the thyroid gland. Determining the concentration of the hormone in blood plasma is highy suitable for thyroid disease screening.

Symptoms of an overactive thyroid include heart palpitation, sweating, weight loss, nervousness, trembling of hands and difficulty sleeping. Overactivity during an extended period of time may lead to osteoporosis.

Symptoms of an underactive thyroid include weight gain, dry skin, constipation, lethargy and increased levels of cholesterol in blood.

The test results are returned in up to 2 working days.

Reference value: 0.4–4.0 mIU/l

See the manual: Guidelines to follow before giving blood for thyroid gland tests:

Grand total:

7.80 €