Testosterone 7.40 €

A one-time blood collection fee of 5 € is added to the price.


Testosterone is the primary sex hormone in males. It promotes the growth and development of sperm cells, functioning of the prostate gland, and development and potency of secondary sexual characteristics such as muscle mass and strength.

Low levels of testosterone occur in men due to hypogonadism, alcoholism, extensive physical activity, use of certain pharmaceuticals or oestrogen therapy. High levels usually occur in combination with various disorders of the endocrine system.

Indications for testosterone test:

a) Men

  • To diagnose hypogonadism
  • To determine the cause for infertility and other sexual dysfunctions and impotence

b) Women:

  • To determine the cause for infertility
  • To determine the causes for improper functioning of ovaries
  • To determine the cause for excessive body hair
  • To identify reasons for adrenal gland disorders


Large doses of biotin or vitamin B7 (over 5 mg per day) as food supplements (incl. B complex vitamins) may affect the testosterone test results, causing false-high values. Therefore, it is recommended that you stop biotin intake at least 24 hours before giving the blood sample.

The test results are returned in up to 2 working days.

Reference values:

2-10 year M <0,9 nmol/l
11 year M <12 nmol/l
12 year M <20 nmol/l
13 year M 3-20 nmol/l
14 year M 0,8-26 nmol/l
15-21 year M 5-33 nmol/l
>22 year M 8-29 nmol/l
Women 2-10 year <3,8 nmol/l
11-15 year F <1,7 nmol/l
16-21 year F 0,6-1,8 nmol/l
 Premenopaus, F 0,4-2,1 nmol/l
Postmenopaus, F <1,7 nmol/l


Grand total:

7.40 €