HDL cholesterol 3.00 €

A one-time blood collection fee of 6 € is added to the price.


  • The “good cholesterol”
  • Allows evaluating the risk of the onset of cardiovascular diseases

HDL cholesterol in serum (high-density lipoprotein), (fS-HDL-Chol) is a lipid group that is responsible for transporting cholesterol back to the liver. It is known as the “good cholesterol”, because it helps remove excess cholesterol from blood and thus reduce the development of atherosclerosis. The higher the HDL cholesterol level, the lower the risk of developing coronary heart disease.

Since the result of the test is directly affected by food intake, it is important to refrain from eating and drinking 10-14 hours before giving blood.

The test results are returned in up to 2 working days.

Reference value: > 1 mmol/l

Grand total:

3.00 €