Food allergy panel 79 €

Recommended for people who suspect a food allergy and are not sure what food is the cause of the allergy.

The most common symptoms of food allergy are nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, skin rash or redness, eczema, difficulties in swallowing and/ or breathing, itchiness and swelling of the oral mucosa. The reaction of the body to a food allergy is highly individual and may change with age.

The panel includes 7 main food allergen tests:

  • Cow milk IgE (Lehmapiima IgE)
  • Egg white IgE (Munavalge IgE)
  • Wheat IgE (Nisu IgE)
  • Peanut IgE (Maapähkli IgE)
  • Soy IgE (Soja IgE)
  • Cod IgE (Tursa IgE)
  • Shrimp IgE (Kreveti IgE)
The results are available within 3 working days.
Grand total:

79 €