Ferritin 10.50 €

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  • Indicates iron stores in your body

The ferritin test should be taken when you are experiencing symptoms of iron deficiency – fatigue, dizziness, a general feeling of weakness, decreased ability to combat cold, decreased muscular capacity and performance, paleness of the skin.

Ferritin is a protein that stores iron found in the liver, spleen and bone marrow cells. Its level in blood has a direct quantitative connection with the body’s primary iron stores in these cells. Iron is vital for the organism for the synthesis of haemoglobin in order to ensure the transport of oxygen into tissues. Iron is an important regulator of the growth and development of cells in the body; it is essential for the functioning of the heart and muscular and nervous tissues. The ferritin test is a high-sensitivity test that clearly indicates iron deficiency  ̶  its level in blood decreases before the onset of anaemia in the early stages of iron deficiency, and together with a change in the red blood cell indices, refers to the possible onset of anaemia.

Ferritin is also a so-called acute phase protein: its levels increase in the case of inflammation. When this occurs, the normal or increased concentration of ferritin does not reflect the iron stores correctly, and this should be accounted for when interpreting the results. Upon the co-occurrence of inflammation and anaemia, it is possible to perform additional analyses to identify the cause of the anaemia (see Anaemia panel).

High ferritin levels indicate excess iron in the body, which is detrimental for the body. When the body accumulates excess iron, it causes iron overload, liver and pancreatic damage. The first complaint is generally joint pain.

The test results are returned in up to 2 working days.

Reference values:

Children < 8 days           30-400 μg/l

Children 8-30 days         30-230 μg/l

Children 1-6 months       10-340 μg/l

Children 6-12 months     10-80  μg/l

Children 1-16 years         5-120  μg/l

Females > 16 years        10-150 μg/l

Males > 16 years             28-370 μg/l

Grand total:

10.50 €