Detection of coronavirus, influenza A/B and RS virus 75 €

What does the panel include?

Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) causes a lung disease known as COVID-19. The main symptoms caused by coronavirus – fever, cough and difficulty breathing – appear in most cases within 2-5 days after exposure, but in some cases up to 14 days after that. Influenza A and B as well as RS virus cause similar symptoms.

In addition to the SARS-CoV-2 result, the package provides the results for influenza and RS virus. These viruses cause lower and upper respiratory tract infections with similar symptoms, allowing more results to be obtained from a single sample.

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In Estonia as well as all over the world, detection of viral RNA is used for coronavirus diagnosis and infection detection. There are two main advantages to detecting viral RNA:

  • The discovery of the presence of coronavirus in the early stage of viral infection and therefore implementation of immediate self-isolation, if necessary.
  • The results are very reliable.

The method of analysis in the laboratory is real-time PCR. All three analyses are performed from this one sample simultaneously.

Giving the sample

SYNLAB can test for coronavirus, influenza A/B and RS virus using two methods:

  1. NASOPHARYNGEAL SWAB. The sample is collected with a cotton swab from the nasopharynx at a depth of ca 5 cm. In some cases, sampling may cause some discomfort. If necessary, we recommend blowing your nose beforehand.
  2. SAMPLING FROM THROAT GARGLE FLUID. For sampling, a special saline solution must be gargled in the throat for 10 seconds. It is not dangerous to your health if swallowed. In order to do the test, it is necessary to collect the entire solution into the cup. The material is analysed in the laboratory with a reliable PCR method.

PLEASE NOTE! We ask that you not eat, drink, smoke, chew gum or brush your teeth one hour before giving the sample. With children, make sure to practice gargling at home beforehand.

Booking an appointment for coronavirus, influenza A/B and RS virus detection

There are three ways to book an appointment for coronavirus, influenza A/B and RS virus testing:

  1. at patient portal
  • select product Coronavirus, influenza A/B and RS virus detection
  • add one product by clicking on ‘+’
  • click on ‘Book an appointment’ and select the appropriate sampling location, date and time
  • pay for your order
  1. call SYNLAB customer support on 17123 (when calling from abroad +372 640 8231) (Mon-Fri 8-18)
  2. write an e-mail

To book an appointment for another person, add the appropriate number of products corresponding to the order by clicking on ‘+’.

If you book an appointment for a person over the age of 18, they will see their result and certificate by logging in to the portal using their ID card, Mobile ID or Smart ID. If this option is not available, contact SYNLAB Customer Support.

If you book an appointment for a child under the age of 18, you will see their result and certificate on the timeline of the parent who ordered the analysis.

Where can I give the sample?
  • В Таллинне по адресу Тёэкоя 1, Пн-Пт 8:00–19:00 (обед 13:00–13:30), Сб-Вс 09:00–16:00 (обед 12:00–12:30)
  • В Таллинне по адресу Таммсааре теэ 104a, (парковка за центром Mustamäe Keskus, мобильный пункт тестирования), Пн-Пт 08:00–16:30, (обед 12:00–12:30), Сб 09:00–16:30 (обед 13:00–13:30)
  • В Таллинне по адресу Мере пст. 10 (Europark EP29, мобильный пункт тестирования), Пн-Пт 12:30–20:00 (обед 15:30–16:00), Вс 09:00–16:30 (обед 13:00–13:30)
  • В Тарту по адресу Раатузе 21 (1.этаж, вход с улицы сбоку здания), Пн-Пт 15:30–17:00, Сб-Вс 10:00–12:00
  • В Пярну по адресу Суур-Сепа 14 (отдельный вход со двора), Пн-Пт 13:30–15:30, Сб 8:45-10:15
  • В Йыхви по адресу Яама 34, Пн-Пт 09:00–13:00, Сб 10:00–12:00
  • В Нарве по адресу Tаллинское шоссе 21, Пн- Пт 09:00–12:00, Сб-Вс 10:00–12:00
Where can I see the results?

You will receive the test result within 24 hours:

  • from the patient portal – the results of underaged children can be seen by the parent who ordered the test
  • from patient portal

PLEASE NOTE! Only the result of the coronavirus test can be seen from the TESTI mobile application.

You need an ID card, Mobile ID or Smart ID to log in.

If necessary, you can collect the test result on paper from one of the SYNLAB blood collection points. Issuing the result on paper will cost 2 euros.

In the case of a positive result and/or symptoms, we recommend contacting your GP.

Reference values:

  1. Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2 RNA) – negative
  2. Influenza virus (influenza A/B RNA) – negative
  3. RS virus RNA – negative

A subsequent negative coronavirus PCR test result does not preclude an initial positive result.

In rare cases the laboratory issues coronavirus detection result “Borderline“. This may indicate a very low amount of the virus RNA in the sample and usually indicates one of two conditions:
1. The early phase of the infection (potentially infectious);
2. The healing phase (probably is no longer infectious).

Retesting is recommended after 2 days.


You can download the trilingual SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus certificate with a QR code for FREE after the result has arrived:

  • from the patient portal (under ‘Results/Certificates’) – certificates of underaged children can only be seen by the parent who ordered the test
  • from – the patient portal provides a certificate that is valid in the European Union
  • from TESTI mobile application (download it from TESTI.ME website)

SYNLAB does not issue certificates for influenza A/B and RS virus tests.

In order to receive a coronavirus test certificate, you need to provide a travel document (passport, ID card) number, which you can enter when ordering a coronavirus test or, if necessary, change it later from the main page of under ‘My account’. To order a certificate for a child, contact in advance to provide the child’s name, date of birth, country of residence and travel document number.

If you wish, we can send the certificate on paper or by e-mail in the case of a negative result. A surcharge of €3 will apply.

We issue certificates on paper:

  • Tallinn Veerenni 53a, 6th floor (Mon-Fri 7.30-15.30)
  • Töökoja 1 (Sat-Sun 9.00 – 16.00, lunch 12-12:30)
  • Tammsaare tee 104a (rear parking lot, mobile testing point) Mon-Fri 8-16:30 (lunch 12-12:30), Sat 9-17:30
  • Mere pst 10 (Europark EP29, mobile testing point) Mon-Fri 12:30–20:00 (lunch 15:30–16:00), Sun 09:00–17:30 (lunch 13:00–13:30)
  • Valukoja 7/2, 2nd floor (Mon-Fri 8: 00-16: 00 (lunch 12: 00-12: 30))
  • Linnamäe tee 3 (Lasnamäe Health Centre), 2nd floor (Mon-Fri 8: 00-16: 00 (lunch 12: 00-12: 30))
  • In Tartu, Pärnu, Narva and Jõhvi at the sampling point according to the opening hour
Important information
  • The booked appointment time can be changed and cancelled by logging in to the patient portal by clicking on the ‘Orders/Bookings’ button.
  • Only customers with booked appointments are served at the testing point.
  • At the testing point, please wait outside. You must wait for an invitation from a customer service representative before you can enter.
  • When you come to the testing point, bring the ID that you will use for travelling.
  • SYNLAB Estonia does not issue vaccination certificates.

When coming to the test:

  • Arrive as closely as possible to the booked time, as you will need to wait outdoors in order to minimise the risk of infection
  • Come with a personal face mask and wear it until you exit the testing point
  • When you come to the testing point, bring the ID that you will use for travelling
  • Follow the 2+2 rule

Thank you!


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