Price list changes effective as of 1 July 2021 30.06.2021

From 1 July 2021, prices for private patients will change for the following services: single tests, panels, doctors’ consultations and Test at Home services.

For example, the price of our clients’ favourite Health risk panel will be €74, and the Health athlete panel €52. The price for a lab doctor’s consultation will be €28 based on the new price list. The prices for the coronavirus PCR test, Heart panel and Thyroid panel will not change. Although nurses’ salaries increased during the year, the price for collecting a blood sample remains the same, €5.

The price change stems from the regulation of the Republic of Estonia, which is adjusting the Estonian Health Insurance Fund’s list of healthcare services as at 1 July 2021, as well as the maximum fees established for health care services. We are adjusting our prices on 1 July 2021 based on this regulation, while also considering the added value that allows us to provide fast and convenient blood collecting services in different Estonian cities, maintain the Patient Portal and reply quickly to our customers’ queries, among other things.

Additional information about the new price list can be found in the Patient Portal at MINU.SYNLAB.EE, by calling the customer service at 17123 (regular tariff applies) or sending us an email at