Vaginal swab collection

  • Please take the position for vaginal swab collection that is most comfortable for you, e.g. standing with feet slightly apart and one leg slightly elevated (similarly to the insertion of a tampon), or lying down and holding the knees slightly apart.
  • Use the thin cotton swab attached to the cap of a plastic tube to collect the sample.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before collecting the sample.
  • Remove the cap with the attached cotton swab from the tube. Introduce the tip of the cotton swab at a depth of 3–4 cm into the vagina and swirl the tip of the swab 8–12 times against the vaginal wall.
  • Then, place the swab back into the tube.
  • Write your name and the date and time the sample was collected on the tube.
  • Put the tube into a special plastic bag that comes with the kit.
  • Take the sample to the nearest SYNLAB sample collection point the same day.

Please note:

• You can obtain the test swab from SYNLAB sample collection points.

• It is not recommended to collect the sample while menstruating.

• Do not collect the sample during pregnancy or three months after giving birth.

• The use of vaginal contraceptives, condoms and water-based lubricants is allowed.

• The test swab is for single use only.