What could be even more heartwarming than a present to a friend or family member showing that you care about them and their health!

At SYNLAB medical laboratories, you can buy gift cards for health check panels and doctor’s consultations.

  • Most convenient way to purchase a health check and/or consultation gift card is to order it from SYNLAB portal MINU.SYNLAB.EE.
  • Pick a panel and/or a consultation and before adding it to chart,  choose “As a gift card”. When making a purchase, make sure you choose to purchase the panel as a gift card. Otherwise, you willl order it to yourself.
  • The data of the gift card buyer does not go to the gift card, they are only necessary for making a purchase. The gift card can be used by the person who comes to give a blood sample with the gift card.
  • After making the purchase, you will find the purchased gift card(s) under your orders, click on the “Orders” button on the main page and find the gift card order. Then click on “Gift Card” to open it, save it and print it out (PDF).

Gift cards can also be purchased at the SYNLAB sample collection points.

  • In order to use a health check gift card, a person must visit SYNLAB blood collection point and give a blood sample. In order to use a consultation gift card, a person must  follow the instructions on gift card. You do not need to book an appointment, to give blood.
  • Make sure to have the gift card and identification document with you when visiting SYNLAB sample collection point. We ask you to make aquaintance with our instructions of how to get ready for a blood test.
  • A gift card is valid for 6 months after purchase (the expiry date is indicated on the card).
  • A gift card can be used once. A gift card is only valid for the service indicated on it. Additional services can be purchased on the spot.

  • Analysis results will be uploaded to MINU.SYNLAB.EE. You can see them by logging in to the portal and by clicking “RESULTS”.
  • All health control panels have maximum time for when the results will be available. This information is provided on every single panel page.

The user terms for laboratory services can be found here.

*Single analyses and Health risk panel for a child can not be bought from patient portal. Ordering is in Estonian and you need to log in with Estonian ID-card, mobile-ID or via bank.

*According to the law, it is possible to return a gift card within 14 days after the purchase by the person who bought it.