Different corona testing options in SYNLAB 14.05.2020


The test helps to detect the presence of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 at an early stage. The test will be taken from nasopharyngeal using the reliable PCR method.

The sample can be given:

In Tallinn Töökoja 1
In Tartu Teguri 37B
In Pärnu Suur-Sepa 14, on the first floor
In Narva Fama 10/3
In Jõhvi Jaama 34



Pre-booking is required via 17123 or klienditugi@synlab.ee (E-R 8-18).
Times will be booked in Tallinn for Mon-Fri from 7.30 till 15.00; in Tartu for Mon-Fri from 13-16.00; in Jõhvi and Narva from 9-12.00.

ORDER in Estonian https://minu.synlab.ee/toode/koroonaviiruse-maaramine. You can also order and pay on spot.

The price of the analysis is 78 €.



A blood test will tell you if your body has developed IgG antibodies to the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 virus, or if you have had COVID-19. There is currently insufficient evidence to support whether their presence also confers immunity to coronavirus.

A coronavirus antibody test can be performed at SYNLAB blood collection points. You can find the exact locations and the opening hours at https://minu.synlab.ee/en/giving-samples/sample-collection-points. No need to book time for blood taking. You can eat and drink before the test, so we recommend you to come in the afternoon to avoid possible crowded mornings.

ORDER in Estonian https://minu.synlab.ee/toode/koroonaviiruse-antikehade-maaramine. You can also order and pay on spot in most of our sample collection points.

The price of the analysis is 18.50plus 5 € for blood collection.



The answers to both analyzes will arrive to the patient portal MINU.SYNLAB.EE no later than the next working day and they will also move to the digilugu.ee environment provided that you have the Estonian ID.

We recommend ordering the analysis in advance online to save time but you can also pay on the spot in most of the locations.

We kindly recommend to visit our blood collection points wearing a mask.