Who provides the service?

The MINU.SYNLAB.EE service is provided by the SYNLAB Eesti OÜ lab. We are one of the largest medical labs in Estonia and we have over 20 years of experience in this field. Our main clients are family doctors, specialists and medical institutions, and from the beginning we have also offered our services to private clients.

Since July 2013, SYNLAB Eesti has been a part of SYNLAB International group. We are part of the largest chain of labs in Europe, which provides us significantly better access to the highest laboratory competency, and we are able to provide almost all of the newest types of tests to our clients.
Our central lab is in Tallinn, and a smaller lab is located in Tartu. Blood sampling locations can be found all over Estonia; locations can be found here.

In cooperation with the National Institute for Health Development, tests for HIV and hepatitis B and C can be done anonymously and for free at the Tallinn and Tartu SYNLAB labs.

For discreet testing for sexually transmitted diseases, we suggest using the TESTI KODUS service.

Our client support can be contacted on 17123 (when calling from abroad, dial +372 640 8231) and via e-mail:  klienditugi@synlab.ee.

Reg. code: 11107913
Veerenni 53a, 10138 Tallinn, Estonia