How to order?

We have tried to make ordering through MINU.SYNLAB.EE as simple as possible. First you should decide which aspect of your health you want to check. We offer general health assessment panels and more specific tests; you will find the details under the panel descriptions. You can always consult the lab doctor before taking any tests in order to get answers to your questions.


Broadly speaking, ordering consists of three steps:

  1. Choose and purchase a suitable panel (only available if You have ordered tests at SYNLAB laboratory using Veriff and you already have foreign account). Otherwise You have to order at SYNALB laboratory in person.
  2. Give a venous blood sample at a sample collection point.
  3. See your test results through the portal.

In greater detail, the steps are as follows:

  1.  Choose a suitable panel and/or a consultation by a lab doctor.
  2. Place the panel in your cart (“Add to cart”) and add any additional panels you may want to purchase (“Add to order”).
  3. After making your choice, open your cart (the button on the upper right) and choose “Checkout”.
  4. Review your cart and make changes if necessary. Choose “Continue”.
  5. Identify yourself using an ID card, Mobile ID, bank link or Foreign account (You have identified yourself at SYNALB with Veriff).
  6. Read and confirm the user terms of the service. Choose your payment method and make a payment.
  7. Your order has been placed.
  8. Give a venous blood sample at a sample collection point of your choice.
  9. When the test results are available, you will be notified by SMS or e-mail.
  10. See your results through the portal and consult a lab doctor if you wish.