1. Why and when should I test myself for sexually transmitted diseases?

Here are some points to help you decide whether you might need to test yourself for sexually transmitted diseases:

  • You are sexually active and are feeling well, but you want to be checked just to be sure;
  • Either you or your partner have had multiple sexual partners;
  • Your partner has been diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease;
  • You have had unprotected sex with a new or casual partner;
  • Before you start a new sexual relationship;
  • You are planning to conceive or are in the early stages of pregnancy. Sexually transmitted diseases are transmitted from mother to child during pregnancy or childbirth; they can result in miscarriage or cause newborns to have serious health complications;
  • You suspect that you might be infected with a sexually transmitted disease.

You should definitely be tested if you have any signs of illness that indicate the possibility of STDs. These signs are:

  • in women: increased vaginal discharge or change in vaginal discharge (e.g., unpleasant odour), pain when urinating and during intercourse, bleeding after intercourse;
  • in men: soreness in the urethra or during urination, discharge from the urethra;
  • in men and women: blisters or ulcers in the genital area, soreness, rectal discharge.

Untreated sexually transmitted diseases cause serious health complications over time.

2. When is the right time to get tested for STDs so that the test results are reliable?

It is recommended to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases after an unprotected intercourse or if the condom broke during intercourse. If chlamydia, gonorrhoea, trichomoniasis or mycoplasmosis are suspected, it is recommended that you wait up to 6 days after an unprotected intercourse in the absence of symptoms and then be tested. If symptoms occur, you should be tested immediately. In the case of the herpes virus, it is recommended that you get tested if there are any symptoms or painful blisters.

3. How soon do I get the results?

After placing an order, the sample collection kit will be shipped within 5 business days (usually it will be shipped the same day or the next working day). The customer has 7 working days to take the sample and return it. Once the sample has arrived at the laboratory, the tests are performed within 5 working days and the sample results are made available to the customer (generally you’ll get the results on the same or the next working day).

4. How can I view my test results?

You can view your test results at minu.synlab.ee portal, where you need to log in.

5. How to take samples?

You will receive detailed guidelines for taking samples with your sample collection kit. However, if you want to read the guidelines for sampling first, you can do so​ ​here.

6. What should I do if I have forgotten my username and/or password?

Please contact our customer service by e-mail at ​klienditugi@synlab.ee​ or by phone on 17123.

7. What should I do if I have not received the sample collection kit?

Please contact our customer service by e-mail at ​klienditugi@synlab.ee​ or by phone on 17123.

8. What should I do if I have not received the results?

Please contact our customer service by e-mail at ​klienditugi@synlab.ee​ or by phone on 17123.

9. Why do I need a separate sample collection kit to test for herpes virus?

Genital herpes is characterised by red, extremely painful small blisters on the genitals in both women and men. Therefore, we will send you a separate cotton swab to detect the herpes virus, with which we ask you to take a sample of the contents of the blister.

10. Is it possible to test for the herpes virus even if there are no symptoms (blisters)?

It is recommended that the herpes virus test be performed if there are symptoms or painful blisters that may burst and cause ulcers. In this case, take a sample of the blister or ulcer with a cotton swab.

11. Can TEST AT HOME tests be ordered in Finland?

Due to the restrictions arising from Finnish law on the services offered to private patients, tests can only be ordered in Estonia via the minu.synlab.ee portal.

12. Is it possible to cancel an order if I have already received the sample collection kit and paid the invoice?

Yes, you can cancel the order by notifying of your request in writing by e-mail​ ​to​klienditugi@synlab.ee. In order to receive your refund, please submit your:

  • first and last name;
  • bank account number;
  • order number.

In addition, please note that you will be refunded the cost of the test, but not the cost of the transportation.

13. Is it possible to order tests for sexually transmitted diseases using a rectal or throat swab?

Yes it is. In this case, a test with the appropriate name should be ordered.

14. Who can see my test results?

The results of your personalised tests are visible to you on the minu.synlab.ee portal and to you and your doctor in the digilugu.ee environment. The results of the tests ordered anonymously are not displayed in the digilugu.ee environment and are therefore only visible to you on the minu.synlab.ee portal.

15. What should I do with the result?

If you test positive for any of the pathogens, we recommend that you consult your family doctor or specialist doctor to confirm your diagnosis and treatment. TEST AT HOME service partners for testing for sexually transmitted diseases can be found​ ​here.