1. For what problems should I undertake microbiome analysis?

We recommend microbiome analysis if you have problems with digestion (including prolonged diarrhoea or constipation), questions about food choices, if you are over- or underweight, you are following a special diet, want to improve your colon health or for other reasons.

2. Why do I need the help of a nutritionist to interpret my results?

A professional nutritionist will personally help explain the results of your report and provide specific nutritional advice and recommendations on modifying your menu. They will also find links between your results, lifestyle and diet.

3. Who should I contact with my results?

Nutritional therapists will personally explain the microbiome report and nutritional changes and give you recommendations; their list can be found HERE.

4. How much does a nutritionist’s service cost?

This is an additional service for a fee, the price of which is determined by each nutritionist.

5. How will I know that my results are available?

You will receive the results of the microbiome analysis within 3-4 weeks on the lab’s Patient Portal at MINU.SYNLAB.EE. When ordering, you can choose a preferred notification method (email or SMS) to be informed of your result.

6. How long should I wait for the results?

The results will be sent to the Patient Portal within 3-4 weeks.

7. How quickly should the sample reach the lab and how should I store it?

The sample should be sent to the lab within 7 days. Please store it at room temperature.

8. Where can I find my username and password (ID and PIN)?

To log in with your personal username and password (ID and PIN) see the reverse side of the Guidelines for Microbiome Analysis.

9. I have lost my username and password. What should I do?

If you have lost your username and password, please contact our customer service by sending an email to klienditugi@synlab.ee or by calling 17123.

10. How should I fill in the health questionnaire?

You can complete the health questionnaire HERE on the day of collecting the stool sample.

11. I sent my sample but forgot to fill in the health questionnaire. What should I do?

Unfortunately, we cannot analyse your sample if you have not completed the health questionnaire.

12. How should I return the sample?

Please return the sample via Omniva regular mail or bring it to SYNLAB. The kit includes a prepaid return envelope.

13. Why can’t I see my order, even though I have paid for the service?

This may be due to a technical problem. Please contact customer service and relay your issue by sending us an email to klienditugi@synlab.ee or by calling 17123.

14. Why can’t I see my results at WWW.MINU.SYNLAB.EE/EN/MICROBIOME?

Once you have completed and submitted the health questionnaire and nutrition diary, please check the time of placing your order. If you have not received the results in 4 weeks, please contact our customer service by e-mail at klienditugi@synlab.ee or by calling 17123.

15. There is something missing in my sample collection kit. What should I do?

Please contact our customer service by e-mail at klienditugi@synlab.ee or by calling 17123.

16. Are there any additional costs for returning a sample collection kit?

The sample kit includes a return envelope that has already been paid for.

17. How should I take a sample?

You can read the instructions for collecting the sample HERE.

18. Can a microbiome analysis be ordered to Finland?

Due to the restrictions arising from Finnish law on the services offered to private patients, microbiome analysis can only be ordered to Estonia through the web portal.