You manage your health

Your health is in your own hands. The lifestyle, eating and exercise habits you choose determine your health status to a great extent. There is, of course, your genetic background that you cannot choose or determine. But how do you find out if your health is good? It is usually enough to assess how you feel – if you feel good, you are most likely healthy. However, such assessment can be subjective. For example, you might not feel any different if your blood sugar or cholesterol levels are out of range. Long-term deviances of both can lead to or reveal serious health problems.

Our service is one of your potential tools for assessing your health objectively. If you have already developed health problems, you should first consult your family doctor. But if you want to preventively check your own health or that of people close to you, various lab tests will give quite a good picture of current health status. As health is a very broad concept, there is no universal way of checking every aspect of health at once. We have divided our services into narrower and wider panels that help you assess the various aspects of your health. We also stress the importance of consulting a lab doctor – the test results are merely numbers, but our lab doctors can put these numbers in context and explain the links between the tests and against your personal background. It is worthwhile to speak to our doctor before ordering tests to make it easier to decide which aspect of your health you should check.

Laboratory tests give insight into the current status of your body and normal results do not guarantee the absence of any health issues or preclude their occurrence in the future.